Our Services

we would be grateful to share our experience and if you think that you could benefit from the services that we render please send us an email explaining your requirements, business problems, name of business, location & contact details. We will assess your situation, and if we belief that we can assist you professionally we will contact you for a free consultation session. Please contact us


Audit & Assurance

We provide the following audits and assurance services:

External audits to small & medium size business – We invest our time to understand your business thoroughly and through discussion and facilitation we will identify your main business risks and challenges that you face.

We also perform compliance audit, performance audit and agreed upon procedures

Private companies can choose to do an audit or independent review – contact us and we will guide you.


Internal Audit

In providing internal audit services we aim to assist the client in building and maintaining an internal audit function that is dynamic and responsive to the needs of the organisation.

The services are as follows:

•Setting up a new internal audit division. – We provide guidance in terms of the risk plan, resources and timing. We can assist you with recruiting or assessing chief audit executives or professional auditors.

 •Co-sourcing or full outsourcing – we provide this service with highly trained and efficient professional management and staff. Our independent reviews are discussed with management and audit committee and a follow up of these findings results in the improvement of the business.

•Quality reviews – we will assess your internal audit function and will advise on any shortcoming. 

•Training and capacity building – we prepare a training and capacity plan and will perform the training at your premises if required.

•We can maximize the benefits of the audit committee through active participation, proper structure and development of a clear mandate.


Risk Management

Risk management has evolved from the identification of risk to an integrated entity wide risk management process. No longer is this the responsibility of management only, but now the full Board of Directors and staff are involved. Risks are specific to your business and generic risks adoption is costly, therefore we advise that you identify and determine your own risk and responses. 

The services are as follows: 

•Identification of strategic and operational risks – Through a workshop or individual interviews we will facilitate and prepare a risk profile for your business. With our industry knowledge experience we can benchmark your business against known treats in the industry.

•Risk Policies and Enterprise Risk Framework – We will tailor make best practices and design your own policies and risk procedures.

•Continuous monitoring – we will guide you on which risks to monitor and how to manage these risks on a continual bases for example getting this on the management agenda. We will assist with the implementation of software solutions.

•Setting up a new risk division – We will guide in terms of business plan, capacity plan and job description for the chief risk officer and staff.

•Training and capacity building – we provide half day to 2 days training and provide guidance on setting up risk committees.


Corporate governance

Good Corporate Governance is a critical element in the survival of any business today.

The services are as follows: 

•Assessment of your practices – We assess how your organization and Board apply the Best governance practices. Our evaluation report will be comprehensive.

•Fraud prevention plans.

•Ethics or reputation reviews.

•Organisational Structure review


B-BBEE services

•Evaluation of readiness of a client’s compliance

•Preparation of a client’s files for upcoming reviews

•Consultation and strategy planning


Formation of companies and trusts

There seems to be so many legal and statutory requirements when setting up a new business that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and whether or not you’re doing everything that you are legally obliged to do. The new Companies Act has changed the rules so let us save you the time and assist you by being your trusted advisor on it.

We will assist you in registering your new company & trusts and will help you to comply with the regulations and terms of the Companies Act of 2008.

Many companies are de-registered as they fail to pay their annual duty – we will remind our clients to comply.


TAX Compliance

We can advise our clients with a comprehensive range of tax matters and will assist with individual, company and trust tax compliance. We are registered tax practitioners and will assist you with your compliance obligation through e-filing.

Our services include

•Individual tax submission

•Company tax submission

•Provisional tax

•VAT compliance

Additional Services


Strategic planning is much more than examining budgets and cash flows.  It involves the ability to look at the business holistically; assessing its strengths and weaknesses, identifying opportunities and threats, and reigning in resources to allow the business to meet its desired goals.

Unfortunately, many business owners are too busy working within the business to adequately think about their business planning and objectives.

Whether planning for future growth, making a purchase, planning a sale, or considering an exit strategy, our specialist advisors offer timely advice and technical expertise that allow you to make informed decisions, while keeping your focus on the day to day management of your business.


A business plan is a document that summarizes the operational and financial objectives of a business and contains the detailed plans and budgets showing how the objectives are to be realized.It communicates a viable business idea. We communicate with employees, suppliers, investors, financial institutions and other stakeholders. The main reason for this communication is to convince stakeholders that the new venture will be successful and it is worthwhile to invest in the enterprise.


It’s surprising how rare it is to find a comprehensive accounting service in large and mid-tier accountancy firms these days especially when such a service integrates so naturally with audit, tax and advisory requirements.

Pastel Accounting

Sage on-line

Management Accounts

Payroll Administration


Every business has financial data, but not every business knows how to interpret it or create a financial statement. Properly prepared financial statements are a business’ dashboard providing the required information in a digestible format to assist businesses make the best choices.


For directors and senior executives who are experiencing governance fatigue* our Risk Advisory Service Division provides a client-specific solution.Our professional and experienced team, which is well versed in the latest IT assurance and governance codes of best practice, will assist you.